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Tips on how to make your hot tub last longer.

A hot tub is a luxury that many homeowners enjoy. Hot water jets, soothing bubbles, and the ability to relax in a private space are just some of the reasons why people love having a hot tub. However, because these types of tubs use so much energy and cost so much money to run, they can be costly investments over time no matter how enjoyable they may be. In this blog post we will explore ways for you to keep your hot tub lasting longer while also being more affordable!

Women in hot tub


Maintain a balanced PH Level

A balanced PH level can really help to extend the life of your hot tub, just like with a swimming pool. If you have too much acid in your water it can corrode metal parts and damage surrounding areas. On the other hand, if there is not enough acid then calcium deposits will build up on surfaces causing them to look corroded.


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Use a Hot Tub Cover (Safety topic- lock straps and lifters, keep kids safe)

Hot tub covers are a great way to keep your hot tub energy costs down as well as make sure you don't lose any of the heat from your water. In addition, they help protect children and pets from falling into the water accidentally. Lastly it helps keep the water clean from debris keeping your filters free from leaves and dirt.


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Keep the Water Clear

Keeping your water clear can also help you save money on energy costs. When the water is cloudy it's harder to heat, and any debris in there will cause problems for the filtration system. If your tub is working harder than that, it not only can make the cost to operate go up and puts pressure on the critical parts of the tub that can wear out quicker over time.


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Replace and Clean Filters Frequently

Keeping your filters clean and replacing them regularly is essential to ensure the water stays clear and hot. Replacing these parts as needed will also help prolong their lifespan, leading to a more cost effective solution for you!

Bonus Tip - Replace Water Often as well (Safety topic- drain hose placement)

If your tub is not running like it should follow this quick guide to see if you need to take action. If you discover you need parts to replace something on your tub, shop for parts here.