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Import Fee Tax, Duty ,Vat, Tariff International

You as the buyer are responsible for all import tax duty due on your purchase item. This amount is due before you receive your item you will need to contact carrier when their ready to deliver and make arrangement before they deliver your item. we do not know what the charge will be we recommend you do your research on this cost before your purchase. this cost is not refundable. If you fail to pay this tax etc. you will be responsible for the cost for the return shipping and all cost associated with this return for your failure to pay this tax. If the carrier is not able to reach you and you fail to respond to their calls or email or they are not able to locate your address you are still responsible for item return. you can also contact the carrier ahead of time and make a prepayment. International buyers are responsible for knowing their country's laws on import, customs, and duties. All duties and tariffs are the responsibility of the BUYER.