Challenges for your outdoor indoor living projects

The diy projects you undertake may not be as easy as they seem. You may face challenges that could make the project less than perfect. When this happens, it is important to keep your cool and try to find a solution. We will look at some of the most common diy projects and the challenges you might experience with them and provide a quick-tip on possible resolution.

Getting the hot tub warm for the season
One diy project that you may experience some difficulties with is the warming up of your hot tub for the season. If it seems to be taking too long you might have an issue with the tub or it needs maintenance done. Here is a quick tip to troubleshoot getting your hot tub warmed up. Quick tip - If your hot tub just isn't getting up to temperature then the problem is likely that there are air gaps in between the jets. You should try plugging off certain jets until you have reduced them down enough so that they are all working simultaneously.

Build outdoor furniture

Building diy outdoor furniture may be an easy diy project, but it can also come with its own set of challenges. One challenge that you might experience is cutting the wood incorrectly and having to start over again. Quick tip - You should always cut diagonally across the wood to avoid splitting it. This will ensure a cleaner and straighter finish and make your build go a-lot smoother.


Fire up the fireplace (no gas leaks, clean chimney for wood)

If you are like many diy-ers and prefer a wood burning fireplace, then it is important to make sure that the chimney has been cleaned for safety reasons. If not, this could result in carbon monoxide poisoning or an open flame fire hazard which can be very dangerous. Quick tip - You should always have your fireplace checked by a professional so reach out to us at DIY parts to help make sure your project is a success.


Check fountain pumps are In working order

Working diy water fountain pumps can be a diy project on their own, but they also come with some common issues. One of these is that the pump may not be working at all and needs to be replaced or fixed. Quick tip - If you have checked your electrical wiring and there are no loose connections then it might need replacing.


Keep critters out of our barbecue grill

If you are diy-ing your own outdoor barbecue grill then it may not be as easy to keep the critters out of it. One way that this could be an issue is if they eat through the wiring and short circuit or start a fire inside your diy cooker. Quick tip - You should make sure that your diy grill is enclosed in some way so the critters cannot get to it. If this still doesn't work then try using a hot sauce based spray which will keep them away from your diy cooker.

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