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4 Signs Your Grill Needs New Parts

Since 1998, DIY Parts Center has been servicing grills and BBQs to make sure that the tool you use to cook your steak to perfection, or provide food for a cookout is in perfect working condition. If you have noticed that your grill may not be performing at its best or that something is off, here are four signs that your grill needs new parts! For all of your repair needs, check out our grill parts page today.

The Grill Won’t Light

If your grill won’t light, this could mean that there are a number of different things wrong with your grill. This could mean you have a loose wire connecting, a bad battery, corrosion on the igniter tip, or a damaged igniter element. You could also try lighting your grill with a match and the gas turned on. If it still won’t light, check to see if you have enough gas or if your hose system is damaged. 

Low Flame

If your gas or BBQ grill is struggling to produce a large flame, cooking food may take too long or simply be impossible. If a low flame is your grill’s problem, you may have a faulty regulator, blocked orifices, or a tripped OPD device. For everything you need to fix this problem, contact us today!

The Grill Produces a Lot of Smoke

Smoke is a natural part of the grilling process. While grilling food, you should see white smoke rising from your grill, but if you see black, it most likely means your grill needs to be cleaned. A build-up of grease and fats in your grill will result in a very smoky process. Check out our shop for access to our huge variety of grill cleaning products.

Low Temperature

Low temperature is often caused by a small flame as alluded to earlier, but can also be caused by uneven flames that distribute heat sporadically throughout the gas grill. If you are struggling to get the temperature up in your grill, check your regulator, OPD sensor, and your propane attachment for leaks. You may also require a new burner for your grill. 

For access to any of these parts and professional help with fixing your grill, check out our huge collection of grill parts today!