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Watkins Spa Pump Wavemaster 7000 (ver. 3) 1.65hp 220v. Version 71699-220-BYP - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Watkins Spas Pump Wavemaster 7000 (ver. 3) 1.65hp, 220v. Version 71699-220-BYP

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What's Included: 220volt (New Rugged Styling!) Watkins Wavemaster® 7000.3,  1.65hp 1-Speed Jet Pump w/power cord
Description: 220volt replacement for the third version of the Wavemaster® 7000 and it's a 1.65 horsepower single speed jet pump. "Check Serial Number Compatibility" tool to insure that this 220volt pump is a match for your spa model. For the 120volt version use the 71699 . Please keep in mind that even though your spa is wired 220 volts it may still operate your Wavemaster 7000 on 120 volts. To be sure which version is best for your application use the "Check Serial Number Compatibility" tool below and enter your spa serial number to confirm.
Note#1: Some models may require minor plumbing modifications to connect to the new wet end. The factory used many vendors for the wet end side of this Jet Pump, as a result, this Jet Pump may not be an exact fit in some tubs. This replacement also has two start capacitors on the motor housing, whereas previous versions may have only had one. Exact/Direct replacement is not guaranteed with this specific jet pump. Please call our technicians with any questions.
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