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Watkins Spa Circ Timer Board Hot Spring/Tiger River 96 Item 71342 - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Watkins Spas Circ Timer Board Hot Spring/Tiger River '96 Item 71342

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The circulation pump timer board operates the "Summer Timer" mode in the 120 volt 1996 Hot Spring and Tiger River spas. Use the serial number validator tool above to confirm that this part was used on your spa. 

The Circulation Timer Board provides the following functions:

* Connects power from the PWA: Board to the High Limit Circuit Board. 
* Connects power from the PWA: Board to the Control Thermostat Circuit Board. 
* Closes the on-board relay to power to the circulation pump continuously (Summer Mode is off).
* Opens the on-board relay for 8 hours a day in the Summer Timer Mode. 

* Relay – 12 volt DC coil 
* Operation – 5 volt DC

1. Disconnect power to the spa. 
2. Access the equipment compartment. 
3. Remove the control box. 
4. Locate the circulation timer board. 
5. Remove the two wire harnesses from J1 and J2 of the circulation timer board. 
6. Identify the four standoffs holding the board in place. 
7. With a pair of needle nose pliers, squeeze the end of each standoff while gently pulling the board upward until the board is free from all four standoffs. 
8. Remove the wire harness from J3 of the circulation timer board. 
9. Gently lift the circulation timer board so the screws in the terminal block are visible. 
10. Denote the location of each colored wire. It is imperative that the wires are replaced in the same locations on the new board. 
11. Using a small slotted screwdriver, loosen each screw until the wire can be pulled from the terminal block. Tip: For ease of replacement, remove only one wire at a time and place it in the proper location on the new board prior to removing any subsequent wires. 
12. To reinstall the circulation timer board, reverse steps 1 to 11.


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