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Jacuzzi Spa Balboa Hi Limit Sensor 2600-021 - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Jacuzzi Spas Hi Limit Sensor 2600-021

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The Hot Tub Compatible With Jacuzzi Spas Hi-Limit Sensor 2600-021 is a must-have for any Jacuzzi owner. This sensor ensures that your spa stays at a safe and comfortable temperature, providing you with a relaxing and worry-free experience. Made specifically for Jacuzzi spas, this sensor guarantees compatibility and reliable performance. Enjoy the benefits of a perfectly heated hot tub with this essential addition.

Compatible With Jacuzzi Spa Balboa Hi-Limit Sensor, 31 Inches Long x 1/4 Inch Diameter Bulb With 2-Pin Connector. Balboa 30298

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