Watkins Spa Tubing Kit 1/4" With Check Valve HTCP1044101-72228-BYP OEM

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Product Description

Hot Tub Replacement Part Watkins Tubing Kit, Freshwater III Ozonator-1/4" Tygon/Kynar With Check Valve HTCP1044101-72228-BYP OEM. This 1/4" Kynar/Tygon ozone resistant tubing kit comes standard with the Freshwater III Ozonators. It is the replacement for all Freshwater 3 ozonators. It includes an attached 1/4" ozone resistant check valve. This assembly is approx. six feet in length. HTCP1044101-72228-BYP / HTCP1044101-72228-BYP-1

  • This is for a Single Watkins Tubing Kit, Freshwater III Ozonator-1/4" Tygon/Kynar with Check Valve 
    • OEM Replacement 
    • High Grade Quality that's made to last!!
    • Note: There is a small embossed arrow on the check valve which indicates the direction of the flow of ozone from the ozone unit towards the ozone injector