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Watkins Spa Check Valve Safety Suction HTCP70864 OEM - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Watkins Spas Check Valve, Safety Suction HTCP70864 OEM

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Hot Tub Replacement Part Watkins Check Valve, Safety Suction HTCP70864 OEM. This check valve's function is to "open" when someone puts their hand over the jet pumps suction fitting within the filter intake. This check valve will "open" drawing air into it from the equipment compartment, thereby stopping suction of the jet pump. This safety device is found on all 1993-2002 Hot Spot and all 1992-1999 Tiger River spas. 

  • This is for a Single Check Valve, Safety Suction
    • OEM Replacement 
    • High Grade Quality that's made to last!!