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Hot Tub Spa Chemical Metal Guard Clear Spa Solutions - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Spa Chemical Metal Guard Clear Spa Solutions CSLMGPT12

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Metal Guard Clear Spa Solutions CSLMGPT12. Prevents scale and removes existing stains to extend the life of your spa and equipment.

  • You will receive a Single 1 Pint Bottle
  • High Quality that works!!
  • Description: Metal Guard chelates and coagulates minerals, making them large enough to be caught by the filtration system and removing them from the water.  Also lowers the calcium levels of the spa while removing stains and scale from surfaces and equipment.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Initial Use: Add 16 oz. (32 tablespoons) to spas up to 500 gallons of water while it is being filled, before any sanitizer is added. Remove and clean cartridge filter within 24 hours of dose with filter cleaner.
  • Maintenance Dose: When you add water to top-off your spa, you may need to maintain your Metal Guard levels. Add 1 oz. (2 tablespoons) per 100 gallons of Metal Guard to hot tub water while the pump is running. Allow the water to recirculate overnight or until the water is clear. This will help to control any mineral staining and will help to protect the heating element from corrosion. If staining continues due to excessive mineral levels in water, increase dosage.
  • NOTE: Draining and cleaning of spa or hot tub is recommended every 3 months.
  • Caution: Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing.