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Hot Tub Spa Chemical Calcium Clear Spa Solutions CSCC002

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Calcium Clear Spa Solutions CSCC002. Effectively raises the calcium hardness level which helps prevent corrosion of equipment and etching of spa surfaces.

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    Low calcium hardness may etch your plaster or decrease the life of your spa's interior finish.  Use Clear Spa 104° Calcium to raise levels to an acceptable range of 150 - 300 ppm.
  • Calcium is required in a spa to help prevent corrosion of metal fixtures if too low and or a scale condition if the calcium hardness level is excessive. When applied properly Calcium prevents damage to spas and the equipment.
  • Directions For Use: Read entire label and use strictly in accordance with hazard statements and directions. First establish the current level of calcium hardness in the spa by the use of a suitable test kit. The acceptable range for the level of calcium hardness in a spa is 100- 350 ppm. Any required amount of Calcium should be applied pre-dissolved in at least a gallon of water with the spa pump operating in high speed mode for a minimum of 30 minutes. The maximum dosage should not exceed 3 tablespoons per 100 gallons of spa water. If more Calcium is required allow a minimum of two (2) hours between doses to allow the product to get completely into solution. 1 tablespoon of calcium chloride will increase the level of 100 gallons of water by 25 ppm.