Hot Tub Watkins Pump Circulation SilentFlo 115V 74427 E5


Product Description

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Over the years Watkins Manufacturing has distilled down their dependable circulation pumps to two models. These two models, the new E5 and the Silentflo 5002 were used for all circulation pump replacements in all Hot Spring Spas & Tiger River Spas until now.  In December 2009, Watkins Manufacturing retired the two speed Silentflo 5002 and announced that the new E5 would be its replacement. 

Is your heater reset button tripping or your red power light blinking?

The #1 cause of this nuisance is low water flow through the heater. The #1 cause of low water flow is clogged filters. Even if they look clean!
From 1989 forward, all Hot Spring and Tiger River circulation pumps draw water from a single filter. If that filter hasn't been chemically cleaned (recommended every 3 months) then the circ pump may not be able to drink enough water per minute. Once it draws water from the filter it then pushes it out to the heater. A semi-glogged filter causes that water to travel too slowly through the heater resulting in overheating. The heater high-limit (heater reset button) or high-limit thermistor then trips the the heater off (and the jet pump & light on some models) because it thinks you have drained the spa and forgot to power it down. This safety device prevents a melt down (dry fire heater).
To eliminate a clogged filter as the culprit, clean your filter(s) with an approved spa filter degreaser. There are two types of filter cleaners for spa filters, ONLY USE A DEGREASER. The other type of filter cleaner is for removing calcium deposits which is an acid type cleaner that will permanently set up any accumulated lotions, body oils and cosmetics on your spa filter(s) and ruin them! Filters should be replaced every 3-5 years.

What's Included:New for 2009-2010 E5 circulation pump replaces the Silent flo 5000 and 5002 E5 Circulation Pump with power cord

Description: This New E5 circ pump!SilentFlo E5 circ pump replaces all previous versions of single speed and two speed circulation pumps.
The new E5 replaces the Watkins SilentFlo® 5000 and Silentflo 5002 circulation pumps on all Hot Spring, Tiger River & Limelight spa models from 1986 to 2015. The E5 was introduced in March of 2008 as the premier upgrade/replacement circulation pump and has had a handful of updated and thoughtful revisions since.  The compact size and flexible positioning (can mount on its side or vertical on the sidewall of the equipment compartment) has won it favor with Hot Spring dealers worldwide. This little jewel uses less electricity and moves more water per minute than all previous Silentflo pumps. When you refill your spa and power it up this "next generation" magnetic drive, it slowly ramps up to insure that it's well primed with water. The position of the suction/inletis 1-11/16" from the floor which is the same as the Silentflo 5000 & Silentflo 5002. The return/discharge is 4-1/4" off the floor same which is also the same as the Silentflo 5000 & 5002. The impeller is accessible simply by unscrewing the top ring of the pump for easier cleaning if needed. This hot tub circulation pump draws water through a filter (1989 forward spas) and then pushes it through the heater, ozone injector (if equipped) and back into the spa through the heater return fitting or floor drain. It circulates twenty percent more gallons per minute than the Watkins Silentflo 5000 yet uses only 35 watts versus 65 watts by the Silent Flo 5000. Impressive!

Note: Some applications may require that this pump lay on its side for an easier connection to existing plumbing. It is not necessary to attach this pump to the floor of the equipment compartment.

Technical Specs: 115volts/60hz/35 watts (6,000 Gallons every 24 hours)

Removal of old pump

  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Unplug the circulation pump from the control box.
  4. If the spa is filled with water, clamp the circulation pump inlet and outlet tubing with Hose Clamp Pliers or insert wine bottle corks into the ends of the tubing.
  5. Remove the bonding wire and base bracket screws.
  6. Use pliers to slide the spring clamps located on the inlet and outlet fittings back onto the vinyl tubing.
  7. Remove the vinyl tubing from the pump inlet and outlet fittings.

Installation of the new pump

  1. Reverse steps 3 to 7 of the Circulation Pump Removal instructions.
  2. Check for water leaks.
  3. Reconnect power to the spa.
  4. Perform a water flow test.
  5. Check for any air in the plumbing lines. If air does not clear, bleed off the air at the closest tubing clamp.
  6. Reinstall the equipment compartment door.

    old 73588, 73491

    Check Country Compatibility

Is there any water at all moving through the system?

If your spa has sat dry for any length of time, the circ pump impeller could just be bound up.
We usually just tap on the wet end of the pump (the end where the vinyl tubing is connected) with a screwdriver handle. More times then not, this will un-stick the impeller.

If none of these suggestions help, then the circ pump is most likely worn out.