Hot Tub Maintenance & Cleaning 30-Second Pool 1008069S Ozone Detection Kit HTCP2010 / 2010

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Product Description

Hot Tub.Maintenance & Cleaning Ozone Detection Kit 2010

Now there's a method to show the consumer that it may be time to replace their ozone generator even though it "appears" to be functioning. This 30 second detection test is easy to perform by the consumer or service tech. Verify whether the ozone unit is still generating the needed levels of ozone.

Research and Development (R & D) and twenty-five years of experience and testing of Ozone output from residential spa Ozone generators, running six hours per day, indicates that: 1) Corona Discharge (CD) units produce Ozone for six months; 2) Electromagnetic (transformer) driven Ultra Violet (UV) units produce sufficient Ozone to treat spa water for two to three years; and, 3) Electronic UV units last four plus years. Field tests have verified these findings.

A spa’s life expectancy is approximately ten years. This means each spa requires at least three or four new/refurbished Ozone generators during its life span.
Many homeowners often “overlook” the functioning and purpose of the Ozone generator.

Until now, there was not a method to show the spa owner that it is time to renew their Ozone generator, even if it appears to be running. These kits indicate if there is Ozone present in the output stream from the Ozone generator. These kits do not quantify (measure the amount of) the Ozone present. The speed and extent of the indicator material ‘bleaching’, from blue to white, gives us a tool to say if a spa unit is producing an effective level of Ozone.
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