Hot Tub Maintenance & Cleaning Leisure Time Reserve Sanitizer 1 Bottle (32 Oz) HTCP3245

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Product Description

Hot Tub Maintenance & Cleaning Leisure Time Reserve Sanitizer 1 Bottle (32 Oz) for hot tubs and spas. HTCP3245

  • Listing is for 1 bottle of Leisure Time Reserve Sanitizer (32 Oz) 
  • This product should be added when the spa/hot tub is filled and weekly thereafter to maintain a bank of bromine in the water.
  • Compatible with bromine sanitizing systems
  • For more than 25 years, Leisure Time has been the premier name in spa water care
  • Fast dissolving for immediate results
  • 100-Percent bromine sanitizer in an easy-to-use liquid form.
  • Sanitizer half of a two-part chlorine-rree system