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Watkins Spa Heater No Fault Titanium 4kW 76228 OEM - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Watkins Spas Heater No Fault Titanium 4kW 76228

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Hot Tub Replacement Parts No Fault Titanium Heater 4kW, Hot Spring, Tiger River & Limelight 76228 OEM 

This 4kW (4000 watt) No Fault Titanium Heater is the factory replacement for the 2004-current Hot Spring Envoy & Vista, 2005-current Grandee GG model and 2006 forward Aria. It's also the replacement for the 2005-current Tiger River Caspian and all Limelight spa models.

Note: This heater has a built in pressure switch which plugs into the P34 port on the IQ 2020 motherboard. The advantage of this heater over the 73791 PDR Heater is that the IQ 2020 System will alert you that this heater has shut down by displaying a blinking green Ready light and a blinking red Power light on the control panel. The 73791 PDR Heater will just trip off internally with no alert other than the spa water cooling. This heater and the 73791 have never been factory installed on a 120volt Hot Spring or Tiger River spa.