Sundance Spa Sundance Heater Assembly 5.5KW 60HZ Smart Low Flow Heater 6500-310

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Product Description

Hot Tub Replacement Parts Heater Assembly 5.5KW 60HZ Smart Low Flow Heater Sundance 6500-310 / HTCP6500-310

Sundance® Spas Heater Assembly for all 850 880 Series Spas. 2000+
240 Volt 5500 Watts.  SSE-00-OH-OF

NOTE: The heater is sold only as a complete unit (housing, O-ring, heater element, etc.). There are no individual pieces available from Sundance Spas.

The Heater comes with the 6000-093 High limit Disc. It DOES NOT come with the High Limit Sensor 6600-168 that is plugged into the heater (located at bottom of the heater housing), is a bullet sensor that slides into a drywell and may be siliconed in and is removable to be used with the new heater

Use for the following Sundance Spas:

  • All 2000-2004 Sundance 850/Portofino Series Models
  • All 2005 Sundance 850/880 Series Models
  • All 2006+ Sundance 880 Series Models

For spas built between 01/2000 to 06/2000

When first introduced for a short period of time in 2000 (prior to June 12), they contained a small pcboard in the back end of the heater. After June the pcboard was no longer used. The board is no longer available and is not to be hooked up.