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Hot Tub Watkins PC Board IQ2020 Main Control Board HTCP3-72-8001 / 77087 - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Watkins Main Control Board IQ2020 HTCP3-72-8001 / 77087

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Hot Tub Watkins PC Board IQ2020 Main Control Board HTCP3-72-8001 / 77087 .Recently released for sale by the factory, this OEM replacement motherboard is for all IQ 2020 Control Boxes (77271 ) found on all 2001-2009.5 Hot Spring, Tiger River and Limelight spa models. This IQ 2020 mother board is used on Domestic 60hz model spas only.
Note: This IQ 2020 circuit board (motherboard) does not include the secondary heater relay board or plastic encasement. This is the main circuit board (mother board) only.
Tech Tip: This motherboard does not have thermistor ports on the right side of the board like the first generation 2001-2002 motherboards. The control thermistor and hi-limit thermistor connect directly onto this motherboard at the top edge. If your current (2001-2002) IQ2020 control box has thermistor ports on the right side exterior of the control box, then you will need different thermistors. One 39205 and one 39204 in addition to this motherboard.
Note#2: Lastly, this replacement motherboard does not come with a Pressure Switch Bypass Jumper item 72768. Something has to be plugged into the P34 Port, labeled Pressure Switch on this board, in order for the spa to start heating. Either your existing heater has a gray cable that plugs into this port or your existing board has this jumper installed so you can remove it and install it on this new board.

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