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Hot Tub Generic Heater Low Flo 6KW Heater Assembly 73790-Generic - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Watkins Heater Low Flo 6KW Heater 73790

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Hot Tub Generic Heater Low Flo 6KW Heater Assembly 73790-Generic. Your existing 3/4" vinyl tubing will attach to this heater with no worries. This replacement heater doesn't have a plug on the end of the power cord like on the 1995-1996 spas. In most applications, the heater is connected directly inside the spas control box. If your existing heater plugs into the bottom of your control box, you may need the appropriate adapter. Adapters are listed next to your spa model on the chart below. Note: The 73791 can be used as an alternative to this heater in a spa that's wired 230 volts. Some service techs prefer the 4kW PDR to this 6 kW siting that it puts less strain on old/weakening 30 amp GFCI breakers.  73790 draws 25 amps (wired 230 volts) 73791 draws 16 amps (wired 230 volts) 
  • This is for 1 Hot Tub Generic Heater Low Flo 6KW Heater Assembly
  • Tip: You can also utilize the cord end (plug) from your old No Fault heater and splice it onto a PDR if needed.
  • High Quality that's made to last!
  • Note: The inlet thermistor port on these style heaters may require a wrench to thread in the thermistor.
  • Replacement Hint: It's easier to replace a heater if the spa is drained. However, some folks leave the water in the spa, disconnect the vinyl tubing from their old heater and insert wine corks into the ends of the vinyl tubing. This ensures a minimal amount of water loss during the change out. Clever repair techs use radiator hose pinch off pliers to clamp off the tubing.