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Hot Tub Classic Parts Watkins Spa Splendors LED Multi Colored Light HTCP73002 / 8132 OEM - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Watkins Spas Splendors LED Multi Colored Light HTCP73002 / 8132 OEM

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Hot Tub Replacement Parts Lights STARburst 28 LED 8132. Also replacement for part #73002. It's never been easier to add light and color to a spa than with the STARburst Color Changing system.  At the touch of a button, you can make your water dance with intense red, blue, green, opal, violet, and gold - or just allow the STARburst system to gradually move from one beautiful color to another.  Transform the mood as you enjoy dramatic dances of changing colors - a spectacular light show whether in or out of the water! Say goodbye to those snap-on colored lenses. This nifty solid state multi-colored L.E.D. light replaces your existing white light bulb on all 2004-2005 Solana spa models and 2003-2005 Hot Spot models and the blue L.E.D. light on all 2006-2008 Hot Spot & Solana spa models. This light is replaced from inside the spa equipment compartment so draining your spa is not necessary. The Splendors has lots of color choices from red, green, blue, white, purple, amber and aqua. This is for a Single Splendors LED Multi Colored Light OEM Replacement High Grade Quality that's made to last!! Just set the mood color you like and relax

  • This is for 1 Hot Tub Lights STARburst 28 LED 
  • Also replacement for part #HTCP73002 / 73002
  • High Quality thats made to last!!
  • Retrofits most spa or pool with an existing 12v wedge base socket.
  • LED technology consumes 1/10 the power of a regular bulb. 
  • Operates from the existing lights on/off switch. 
  • Sync Feature allows you to operate 2 or more lights on the same cycle.