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Fountain & Water Feature Fill Valve PVC Mini Adjustable 1/2 MIPT Inlet - Water Fountain

Fountain & Water Feature Fill Valve 1/2" MIPT 23136

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Fountain & Water Feature Replacement Parts Fill Valve PVC Mini Adjustable Float Valve With 1/2" MIPT Inlet


All standard PVC bodies are made from NSF approved materials and replaceable seals are made of long-wearing, chemical resistant Santoprene® rubber. Standard hardware is made of 18-8 stainless steel. Mini float valves are available with fixed or adjustable arms and are bulkhead mountable both horizontally and vertically. Valves have a .093 orifice, free flow outlet and have been tested to 100 psi. Part numbers 23175, 23176, 23179 and 23180 include floats only. 23077, 23078, 23099 and 23135 include the valve and a Jaco compression nut. All others include the valve, gasket and jam nut.