Fireplace Valve Honeywell Resideo Smart Gas Valve SV9501M2528

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Product Description

Fireplace replacement part Valve Gas. Honeywell Resideo Smart Gas Valve. Fireplace Valve Honeywell Smart Gas Valve SV9501M2528.

  • This is for a Single Honeywell Resideo Smart Gas Valve 
  • High Grade Quality that's made to last!!
  • 1/2 in. NPT x 1/2 in. NPT Intermittent Hot Surface Pilot Ignition SmartValve™ Control with standard opening and 3.5 in. wc pressure regulator setting.
  • Gas appliance manufacturers use these models in many types of gas fired heating appliances including central furnaces, residential boilers, rooftop furnaces, commercial cooking appliances, and unit heaters. These controls provide intermittent pilot gas ignition sequencing, pilot flame sensing, and both pilot and main gas control functions in a single control.  Includes LP Conversion Kit
  • Replaces the following part numbers:
    SV9501M2056  SV9501M2080  SV9501M2718  SV9501M2726  SV9501M2031  SV9501M2049 SV9501M2239  SV9501M2700  SV9501M2734  SV9501M2742 SV9501M2064 SV9500M2603  SV9501M2056 SV9500M2674 SV9500M2682  SV9500M2736  SV9500M2603 SV9500M6604  SV9501M2734  SV9501M2700 SV9500M2045 SV9500M2652 SV9500M2690 SV9500M2835  SV9500M3619 SV9501M2031  SV9501M2056 SV9501M2718 SV9501M2742
  • Functional replacement for the following
    Lennox part number
    X1086 X108601