Fireplace Thermocouple For Sit Piliot Assy Sit 1116-0290216 Use In Many Fireplaces Replacement For 53373 24"


Product Description

Fireplace replacement part 

Product Specifications

Conn. 11/32"
Length 23-3/5"
Shipping Weight 0.13
Shipping Width 5.25
Shipping Length 15.00
Shipping Height 0.25

SIT Thermocouples can be identified by looking at the thermocouple towards the silver end in the area that is press down on the copper section. (See picture below.) The last seven digits are the part number that you would need for replacement.

The basic thermocouple principle is a thermocouple consists of two different metals, such as copper and steel, welded together at one end. The point at which the two metals are welded is called the hot junction, and the other end of the two metals is called the cold junction. When a flame is applied to the hot junction area, and it is heated to a higher temperature than the cold junction, a small electrical charge is generated. This charge, generated by heating the two dissimilar metals, is expressed in millivolts.

Thermocouple has been used on fireplaces and gas log set that were made by DESA, FMI, Regency,Comfort Glow, Empire. Monesson, Vermont Castings, Majestic and many other brands of fireplaces and direct vent gas log sets.

This part replaces obsolete part #: and 53373.