Fireplace Remote Control Skytech 115 Volt ON/OFF 1315G-A

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Product Description

Fireplace Remote Control Skytech 115 Volt ON/OFF 1315G-A

SKYTECH's multi-purpose remote control and receiver is designed and meant to provide a safe, reliable, and user-friendly operating alternative for your AC powered household appliances. The remote control and the receiver are paired together by one of the pre-programmed 65,536 unique security codes and communicate via radio frequencies (RF) up to 75 feet away using non-directional signals. RF signals are better suited for communication between general AC powered household appliances because RF signals do not interfere with other signals from appliances like microwaves, and can navigate around and not be blocked by objects such as refrigerators and walls like Wi-Fi.


Setting up the remote control and receiver is very easy. Simply insert the receiver into an appropriate outlet and connect the appliance you want to control to the receiver's built-in outlet. The remote control operates on a 12V battery (included in purchase) and uses ON and OFF buttons to control the connected appliance which is indicated by an LED signal light on the remote control.

Manufacturer Skytech Systems Inc
Manufacturer Product No. 1315G
Batteries Transmitter 12-volt alkaline (A-23)
Remote Receiver 110-120 VAC;60 Hz
Operating Frequency 303.875MHZ
Transmission distance Approximately 75 feet away
Security Codes 65,536
Extension Cord Model 18SPT-3*

*Only if required and must have appropriate temperature rating for the intended use

Both ends must be grounded and polarized.
FCC ID NO's Transmitter - JA7TM - 1300N

Receiver - JA7AP - 1300N
Canadian ISC No's Transmitter - 2439 101 522

Receiver -2438 101 522
Battery Life Approximately 12 months*

*Check and replace all batteries:

1) Annually

2) When operating range becomes reduced. Check the receiver batteries, they should not have combine voltage less than 5.3 volts

3) Check the hand held transmitter battery, it should not measure less than 9.0 volts