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Fireplace Ignitor Module Electronic Dexen IPI electronic 593-592 - Fireplace

Fireplace Compatible With Dexen Ignitor Module IPI 593-592

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Fireplace replacement part Fireplace Ignitor Module Dexen IPI electronic ignition control module.593-592 3 volt Input Does not include wiring harness. Check make sure 3 volts input 

Testing to make its your module

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Make sure gas is off at this time doesn't have to be on for this test lets start with the voltage you will need a meter make sure you have your 3 volt ac at the voltage terminal this will connect to module it self if you're using battery this will connect to a red wire that says + and a black wire that says - there should be 3 volts dc make sure you connect red to red black to black. Lets move forward now that all power checked out let's make sure the switch is working take the wires that say sw should be 2 wires they are normally brown take the wire put them together this will act like the switch now still nothing working make sure theirs nothing in between wires like sensor or trip switch you will need to get does out the way or jumper the terminals to complete the circuit still not working make sure you have the correct wire on terminal i and s the wires should be marked on module and make sure other plug to module is plugged in. look at the wire that's going to electrode make sure some little critter then chew it off take and insulated screwdriver at the electrode short it against pilot body's metal see if you get a spark we are testing to see if electrode wire is too far from metal if you get a spark you will have to adjust electrode they can break off need to be gentle. still no spark remove wire from module the says i use a clip to clip terminal other side to a insulated screwdriver clip to metal end of screwdriver hold screwdriver close to metal not on metal close to see if you get a spark if you get a spark and it strong module is good you may have a problem with electrode all else fails you may need to replace module. 
you can try in any sequence you want but this step by step will eliminate everything in the back end as you move forward to your next test

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