BBQ Grill Weber Grill Heat Plate 2-Piece Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bar Set BCP9898 OEM

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Product Description

BBQ Grill Replacement Part Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bar Set for Weber Grill Models.

  • Listing is for a 2-Piece Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bar Set (includes Two sections with 8 bars total.)
  •  This set of bars is used with Summit Silver/Gold/Platinum models which are equipped with the smoker box accessory.
  • Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with the replacements to verify you are ordering correctly.
  • This product will outlast most of the other manufactures' Flavorizer Bar Sets'
    Using Weber parts helps to ensure your Weber grill will continue to last and perform like new
    This is also known as a Summit Silver/Gold/Platinum C/C4 and D/D4 Series, stainless steel flavorizer bar set.
  • This an original manufactured part
  • These Flavorizer® bars are for models that have a dedicated smoker burner and smoker box only.
  • Fits: Summit® Silver C, Summit® Silver D, Summit® Gold C4 and D4, and Summit® Platinum C4 and D4 gas grills.