BBQ Grill Viking Burner Stainless Steel 3 Pack 15481-3

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Product Description

BBQ Grill replacement burner  Burner Stainless Steel For Viking Grill 3 Pack15481-3

  • Reduced Quantity Pricing. By ordering this three pack of 15481 burners, you will receive three 15481-3 stainless steel burners with special quantity pricing.
  • These stainless steel burners are used in a number of Viking gas grill models.
  • The measurements of these burners is 21.8 inches by 6 inches by 2.9 inches.
  • These Viking burners come with the three burner mounting brackets.
  • Please choose carefully when ordering and installing this burner to be certain the burner is correct for your grill. (VIKU1-3pak)


  • **VIKING MODELS: 316-911, VGBQ 30" T series, VGBQ 41" T series, VGBQ53" T series, VGBQ030-2T, VGBQ300-2RT/E, VGBQ300T,VGBQ410-3RT/E,VGBQ410T, VGBQ412-2RT/E, VGBQ412T, VGBQ530-4RT/E,VGBQ530T, VGBQ532-3RT/E, VGBQ532T, VGIQ300-2RT, VGIQ410-3RT,VGIQ412-2RT,VGIQ530-4RT, VGIQ532-3RT
  • ***This is and after market part