BBQ Grill Viking Burner Stainless Steel 2 Pack 15481-2


Product Description

BBQ Grill replacement burner  Burner Stainless Steel For Viking Grill 2 Pack 15481-2

This stainless steel burner is used in a number of Viking gas grill models. The measurements of the burner is 21.8 inches by 6 inches by 2.9 inches. This Viking burner comes with the three burner mounting brackets. Please choose carefully when ordering and installing this burner to be certain the burner is correct for your grill. (VIKU1)


  • VIKING MODELS: 316-911, VGBQ 30" T series, VGBQ 41" T series, VGBQ53" T series, VGBQ030-2T, VGBQ300-2RT/E, VGBQ300T,VGBQ410-3RT/E,VGBQ410T, VGBQ412-2RT/E, VGBQ412T, VGBQ530-4RT/E,VGBQ530T, VGBQ532-3RT/E, VGBQ532T, VGIQ300-2RT, VGIQ410-3RT,VGIQ412-2RT,VGIQ530-4RT, VGIQ532-3RT
  • This is and after market part