BBQ Grill Twin Eagles Flash Tube For U-Burner BCPS21750Y OEM

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Product Description

BBQ Grill replacement part BBQ Grill Twin Eagles Flash Tube BCPS21750Y OEM. For standard U-Burners ONLY. This flash tube is an OEM direct from Twin Eagles. Compatible with several gas grill models. This item helps to carry flames between the burners. This part is sold individually, and a Phillips screwdriver is needed for the repair. Please refer to the specific manual and diagrams for further instructions.

  • This is for a Single Twin Eagles Flash Tube with screws
  • OEM
  • High Quality that's made to last!!
  • Also Known As: Collector Box
  • For standard U-Burners ONLY. 
  • Sear burner uses a different Flash Tube see product (BCPS21765Y).
  • Compatible with: B-Series, C-Series, Glow Plug, Hot Surface Igniter, S21765Y, TEBQ30G-B, TEBQ30G-C, TEBQ30R-B, TEBQ30R-C, TEBQ36G-B, TEBQ36G-C, TEBQ36R-B, TEBQ36R-C, TEBQ42G-B, TEBQ42G-C, TEBQ42R-B, TEBQ42R-C, TEBQ54RS-B, TEBQ54RS-C.