BBQ Grill TEC Grill 1 Piece Chrome Control Burner Knob BCP HW0842 OEM

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Brand: Tec

Product Description

BBQ Grill TEC Grill 1 Piece Control Knob BCPTEC488 STBK / BCPHW0842 OEM. Replacement part HW0842. Black knob BCPTEC488 STBK has been discontinued. BBQ Grill Replacement Part Control Knob replacement for BBQ TEC Infrared Gas Grill Models. Now in Chrome. Fits G-2000 Burner Control Knob, G-3000 Burner Control Knob (Previous Solid Aluminum knob Discontinued), G-4000 Burner Control Knob (Previous Solid Aluminum Knob Discontinued), FR Burner Control Knob. Only comes in Chrome as in the Pictured shown.

    • Listing is for a single control knob
      • Make sure you look closely at your original parts and compare with the replacements to verify you are ordering correctly.
        • This product will outlast most of the other manufactures' replacement knobs'
        • Chrome replacement control knob for TEC infrared gas grills