BBQ Grill Members Mark Ceramic Electrode Ignitor 1 Piece BCP04022

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Product Description

BBQ Grill Replacement Part Ceramic Electrode Ignitor replacement part for Sam's Club & Members Mark Models.
  • Listing is for 1 ceramic electrode. No wire included.
  • High Quality ceramic electrode will outlast most of all the other manufactures' electrodes.
  • Compatible with burner product # BCP16231
  • Compatible with wire product # BCP03610
  • Fits BBQ Pro BQ04023, BQ04023-1, BQ04023-2, BQ04025, BQ04028; Brinkmann 810-2511-S, 810-3250-F, 810-3250-W, 810-3330-S, 810-3331-F, 810-3660-S
  • Fits Brinkmann 810-3661-F, 810-4405-0, 810-4457-F, 810-4557-0, 810-4580-F, 810-4580-S, 810-4580-SB 
  • This is an after market