BBQ Grill Knob Beefeater Signiture S2000 Knob "old style" with white stripe 95258 OEM

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Brand: BeefEater

Product Description

BBQ Grill Replacement Part Beefeater 95258 Knob fits all beefeaters including Discovery, Beefmate, and Signature series grill. Beefeater has discontinued the original knob, But this will directly replace and work perfectly. It is a different shape than the original, so you may want to replace all the knobs on the grill so they match the others. This plastic knob will fit the other Beefeaters but doesn't match the style of the others, so if you are buying these for the other grills other then the S2000 make sure you buy enough to replace them all unless you don't mind if the style doesn't match.