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Watkins Spa Repair Adhesive Kit (for light lens) 72961 - Hot Tub Parts

Watkins Spa Repair Adhesive Kit (for light lens) 72961

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This is the newest special underwater, chlorine resistant epoxy that's formulated to bond the light lens to the spa shell's thermoplastic. It is also used to repair small cracks. 

Note: This product is flammable and cannot ship by air (ie; United States Postal Priority Mail or UPS Express) but only UPS GROUND within the US

*Winter Use: It is best to keep this product along with the replacement light lens in your heated home (70 degrees or so) until you are ready to apply the adhesive and replace the lens. Then, warm the repair area with an incandescent light for thirty minutes or so before applying this adhesive. Our techs will keep a 75 watt light bulb on the repaired area for 24 hours after. 
*This adhesive does not cure when it falls below 40 degrees.
*This adhesive sets up too quickly if the temperature is over 90 degrees.

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