Fountain Rossane Mics Liquid Alive Bacteria with Instant Odor Control 32 FL OZ 80-130


Brand: Hodesco

Product Description

ROSSANE is a suspension treatment consisting of specially developed bacteria, aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative in nature. The bacteria are harmless to animal and marine life and are non-pathogenic. They eliminate the foul odors and gases it produces. ROSSANE not only masks odors, it eliminates their causes. ROSSANE cannot rest in the presence of organic waste materials; it must process them. Once their job is done they immediately concentrate on building their colony population up to full strength. As soon as new waste comes into their presence they swing into action. Anywhere in your plumbing system (elbows, bends, joints and traps) where solid waste can accumulate ROSSANE can build a colony and eliminate the cause of sluggish drains and odor. ROSSANE can be sprayed on flat surfaces to eliminate organic odor in carpets, from urine, vomit, waste, etc.—or poured into ponds and lakes to control organic odor - safely.


Liquid alive bacteria with instand odor control.
For Weekly Drain Line Maintenance
Non Caustic

Digests and liquefies waste plus immediate malodor neutralization
Digests organic waste Non-acid or alkaline
Non-toxic Non-pathogenic
Eliminates strong odors Good initial odor control
Liquefies fats, proteins, carbohydrates & grease Reduces BOD & COD
Harmless to marine & animal life Harmless to plants
Produces aerobic & anaerobic enzyme strains Easily applied
Excellent shelf life Contains no additives-100% effective
Use after any "caustic" or "sulfuric acid" cleaner to eliminate odor instantly
Areas of use
Grease Traps Drains & Mains Septic Tanks Porta-Toilets
RV Toilet Tanks Marine Toilet Tanks Cesspools Drains Fileds
Sump Pumps Dry Wells Ponds Lagoons
Holding Tanks Sewage Waste Plants Industrial Waste Plants Homes
Recommended for
Feed Lots Homes Hog Parlors Stockyards
Veterinarians Commercial Buildings Pulp & Paper Mills Hotels
Public Restrooms Dairy Industries Apartment Complexes Motels
Food Processing Plants Nursing Homes Ranches Farms
Oil Field Slushpits Boats & Marinas Hospitals Zoos
Restaurants & Cafeterias Institutions/Schools Municipalities Plants

Rossane MSDS Sheet