Pool AquaPill 2 Clarifier Plus 1 Piece For Pools Up To 20,000 Gal. Capacity POOL1620

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Product Description

Pool Replacement Parts AquaPill 2 Clarifier Plus for pools up to 20,000 gallon capacity. POOL1620

  • Listing is for 1 piece Pool AquaPill 2 Clarifier Plus
  • AquaPill 2: Clarifier Plus improves and maintains water clarity
  • Pool water can become cloudy when saturated with an abundance of trace metals and suspended particles.
  • AquaPill 2: Clarifier Plus is a flocculant that clears cloudy water by binding tiny particles together so they can be trapped by the filter.
  • It is gradually released in the filter system where thorough mixing, flocculation and filtration takes place.
  • Simply drop into your pool, and you're done.
  • One AquaPill 2 will treat pools up to 20,000 gallons.
  • Restores, polishes and maintains water clarity.