Watkins Spa Injector, Freshwater Ozone, Black HTCP74078 OEM

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Product Description

Hot Tub Replacement Part Watkins Injector, Freshwater Ozone, Black HTCP74078 OEM. The injector fits in-line after the Silentflo 5000 (discharge side and after the heater). This Kynar plastic "venturi" injector is ozone resistant and is used with the Freshwater III High Output Ozonator by Watkins manufacturing. An injector creates a vacuum (venturi effect) as water passes through it to enabling ozone gas (03) to be siphoned into the low flow plumbing of a Hot Spring or Tiger River spa in a pre-determined measure. Use this injector on all Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models manufactured from 1995 to now.

  • This is for a Single Watkins Injector, Freshwater Ozone, Black 
    • OEM Replacement 
    • High Grade Quality that's made to last!!