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Hot Tub Sundance Jet Body: Micro Blaster Jetback 3/4 Barb HTCPSD6540-211/6540-211 - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Sundance Spas Jet Body Micro Blaster Jetback 3/4 Inches Barb HTCPSD6540-211/6540-211

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Replacement Jacuzzi Sundance Jet Body: Micro Blaster Jetback 3/4" Barb 

  • This is for 1 piece Sundance Jet Body: Micro Blaster Jetback 3/4" Barb
  • This is an after market part
  • High grade material that's made to last!!
  • Replaces Manufacturer Part No: 6540-211
  • Contact us before ordering to Retrofit this Jet Body to Older Spas with Rigid Pipe.
  • The old jetback with slip connection is no longer available.