Hot Tub Maintenance & Cleaning 303 Fabric Guard 1 Bottle (16 OZ) HTCP30605

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Product Description

Hot Tub Replacement Part 303 Fabric Guard For Maintenance & Cleaning 1 Bottle (16 OZ)

  • Listing is for 1 bottle of 303 Fabric Guard (16oz)
  • Restores lost water and stain repellency to factory new levels when applied to cleaned and dryed fabrics by adding a powerful protective unscented coating.
  • 303 Fabric Guard will greatly increase water and oil based stain resistance, keep fabrics dry and maintain color fastness. Use on upholstery, cushions, rugs, mats, umbrellas, life jackets, suede, canvas, teak and outdoor carpets.
  • This powerful fabric protectant is safe for all fabric including synthetic and natural fibers.
  • 303 Fabric Guard is the only product recommended by and for Sunbrella, as well as other fabric manufacturers to restore lost water and stain repellency to fabrics. Keep your fabrics looking newer, longer.
  • High quality, premium product. Does not alter fabric color, feel, flammability or breathability. Made in the U.S.A.