Hot Tub Maintenance & Cleaning 303 Aerospace Protectant For Vinyl Cover Single 32 Oz Bottle HTCP30313

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Product Description

 Hot Tub Replacement Part  Maintenance & Cleaning 303 Aerospace Protectant For Vinyl Cover.303 Aerospace Protectant. Protect and beautify hot tub covers and all types of vinyl, rubber, leather, carbon fiber, plastics, fiberglass and matte finishes with 303 Protectant. It protects by blocking the UV rays from fading, discoloring, cracking and chalking the product you want to protect. It beautifies by restoring color that may have been lost over the years and original luster. HTCP30313-1 / 30313 / HTCP30313
  • This is for a Single 32 Oz Bottle of 303 Aerospace Protectant For Vinyl Cover
  • It leaves behind a matte finish without any oily and greasy residue. All sizes come in a spray bottle for easy use. Simply spray and wipe off.
  • 303 UV Protectant Features:
  • Helps to prevent fading and cracking
  • Keeps treated surfaces looking new
  • Powerful UV blockers with SPF 40 rating
  • Won't leave greasy or oily residue
  • Comes in an easy to use spray bottle
  • Recommended Applications: Safe and effective on vinyl, clear vinyl, gel-coat, fiberglass, carbon fiber, synthetic/natural rubber, plastics and finished leather.
  • Good for use on: dashboards, automotive leathers, black plastic fenders, plexiglass, vinyl decals, door & trunk seals, vinyl convertible tops, boats & RV seats, Tonneau covers, Dacron sails, inflatable boats, hot tub covers, and much, much more!