Sundance Spa LAING Pump Circulation 120V E10-NSHNDNN1W-02 SD6500-460

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Product Description

Hot Tub Replacement Parts Fits Sundance, Lagunas, Jacuzzi And Other Hot Tub Models This Is For 120 v Check Your Voltage Before Connecting Part Numbers: 6500-460, Comes with the metal basePLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A 115/120VOLT PUMP! Most Sundance and Jacuzzi Spas use a 240 Volt Circulation Pump (see 6000-125). Do not mistake the white/black/green wires as being for 115/120 Volts. Sundance uses this wire color for both Voltage Systems. Make sure you are ordering the correct voltage pump. If this pump is wired into a 240 Volt System, it will short out and destroy the pump which is not covered undr warranty. SD6500-460 / 6500-460 SD6500-460 / 6500-460 

  • This is for 1 Pump
  • This Pump can be used on these Sundance/Sweetwater Models only: 2008-Mid 2009+ 780 Dover. 2007 Metro and Solo Models. 2006 Caprio, Metro and Solo Models. All 2005 850E Series Spas. All 2003-2005 Lagunas Models. All 1999-2004 Portofino Series Spa Models. Tango, Metro, Caprio


    This Pump can be used only on the following Jacuzzi Spa Models:


    2002+ Jacuzzi J-300 Circulation Pump 115V 60Hz with Cord 6500-038 was replaced with 6500-460 and is for all Jacuzzi J-300 115 Volt Models.



    • SM-909-NH-14, 3/4" Barb, 115Volt 
    • SM-909-NH-26, 3/4" Barb, 115Volt 
    • SM-909-NH-18, 3/4" Barb, 115Volt 
    • SM-1212-NH-26, 3/4" Barb, 115Volt 
    • SM-909-NHW-14 3/4" Barb 115Volt 
    • SM-909-NHW-18 3/4" Barb 115Volt 
    • SM-909-NHW-26 3/4" Barb 115Volt 
    • SM-1212-NHW-26 3/4" Barb 115Volt
    • 6860, 6355.9, 6846, 6865, 6958


    The Ecocirc® were designed with the highly efficient electronically commutated permanent magnet motor (ECM technology). Our revolutionary pump is designed to consume 40% less energy. Added variable speed technology offers further power savings. The E10 pump is compact and lightweight, less than 5 lbs. It is whisper quiet and programmable designed with the latest EC technology.The flow rate dependent on the differential pressure control, adjusts the pump performance continuously and automatically to the requirements of the system.



    • Get 98 watts of performance for only 60 watts of power
    • Domestic or international 50 or 60Hz same high flow
    • Compact Design
    • Consumes 40% less energy
    • Lightweight, less than 5 lbs
    • Open Impeller - Resistant to Clogging
    • Dry Run Protection
    • Cross Reference:6603.9,6355.9,6425.9,6596.9, 7385.9,242059808, SM-909-NHW-14, SM-909-NHW-18 3/4", SM-909-NHW-26 3/4",
    • LAING 1/50hp Circ 120V Pump