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Watkins Spa Heater Jumper Pressure Switch IQ2020 72768 - Hot Tub Parts

Watkins Spa Heater Jumper, Pressure Switch, IQ2020 72768

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Classic Start Up Kit w/Test Strips MK100. A Start-Up Maintenance Kit is the perfect combination of products to ensure that you're maintenance equipment ready for your new pool. Includes: BR1016P 17” Classic All Purpose Brush with Poly Bristle, LN3315 Classic Leaf Skimmer with hard PVC rim and aluminum handle, TH1520 Classic Thermometer with string and TS801 3 N’ 1 Test Strips.

You will receive 1 Kit
High Quality that works!
Start the pool experience off right with the perfect combination of classic maintenance equipment and test strips.

BR1016P 18" All-Purpose Brush with poly bristles and metal handle
LN3315 Leaf Skimmer
TH2540 Float Max Thermometer
3-N-1 Test Strips/Water testing strips