Jacuzzi Spa Temperature Sensor Protech Led 2002+ J-300 Led J-200 JAC6600-166 / 6600-166

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Product Description

Hot Tub Replacement Parts Heater Sensor Temperature with Curled Finger Connectors 12 FT JAC6600-166 / 6600-166 / 275-3275-00 . Jacuzzi Spa Temperature Sensor, 2002+ J-300 LED, J-200, And Del Sol Series. (Curled Fingers Connectors).

  • This is for a single item
  • Comes with  6540-228 Oring
  • Temperature Sensor fits these Sundance Models: 
    • 2012+ 680 Peyton
    • 2011+ Select Series
    • 2008+ 680 Denali, Tacoma; 780 Dover
    • 2008-2012 680 Burlington model with or without a Circ Pump
    • 2007+ Hamilton, Chelsee, Certa and Camden
    • 2007 Metro, Solo, and 680 Models
    • 2006 Caprio, Metro, Solo, and 680 Models
    • 2006 Palermo, Bahia and Cayman
    • 2005 850E Models
    • 2005 780, Sweetwater and Del Sol Models (with curled finger connections)
    • 1998-2004 Sweetwater Series and Portofino Series:  (Caprio, Metro and Solo)
    • All Lx-10 and LX-15 Systems used by Sundance
    • All 1998-2007 701, 724 Systems (with curled Finger Connectors)
    • Winchester, Kensington Spas 
  • Replaces 6600-070, 6600-071 6600-104.
  • Used on All: Bahia, Burlington, Caprio, Cayman, Camden, Certa, Chelsee, Denali, Dover, Hamilton, Hartford, Hawthorne, Metro, Palermo, Solo, Tacoma.
  • Used on these Circuit Boards: 6600-286, 6600-287, 6600-288, 6600-289 and older versions of the circuit boards: 6600-082, 6600-084, 6600-086, 6600-087, 6600-088, 6600-089
  • Temperature Sensor fits these Jacuzzi Models:
    • 2007+ J-270, J-280, J-355, J-365 and J-375 Models
    • 2005+ J-210, J-220 and J-230, J-200 LED Models
    • 2005-2007 J-325 Models
    • 2004+ J-335, J-345 Models
    • 2003-2005 Del Sol Models
    • 2002-2003 J-320, J-330, J-340 Models
    • 2002+ J-300


These sensors are interchangeable with the 6600-167 except for the end connector which could be wire nutted on.
The Temp Sensors are located in the filter compartment on the side. They are unscrewed from the inside of the tub and the wire is fed through the tub into the equipment compartment. Follow the wire to the PC Board. To feed the new sensor, we usually drain the tub below the hole and pull the old sensor out a couple of feet into the tub, cutting the old sensor head off, we tie on the new sensor (connector end) to the old wire and pull the wire through into the equipment compartment.
The connectors on the Temp Sensor are attached to a pc board connector that is located on the PC Board (usually at the top). There are other wires connected to this plug: Jumper interlock wire,Flow Switch, High Limit and Temp sensor. Remove the pin connector from the board .
Please note: The color code on the wires have no significance, you can hook the wires up either way.
These sensors are interchangeable with the 6600-166 except for the end connector which does not connect into the 6600-167 harness. (would have to strip wires back and wire nut together.)