Hot Tub Heater Sensor 24'' WITH 1/4'' BULB M7 32016 OEM


Product Description

Hot Tub Replacement Parts Heater Sensor Balboa  24'' WITH 1/4'' BULB M7 32016 OEM

Each System Uses 2 Sensors - Mfg Recommends Replacement of Both Sensors

  • Replacement Balboa M7 Sensor Kit. OEM part number 32016. This sensor kit includes one 24-inch M7 heater sensor, plastic compression nut, washer, and o-ring. The sensor bulb is 1/4-inch in diameter.
  • SpaGuts P/N: 25-200-1005
  • NOTE: This sensor kit does not include the 30383 sensor fitting, which screws directly into the heater housing. If this fitting is also needed, order the 52560 Balboa M7 Sensor Mount Assembly Kit.
  • This sensor kit is also a replacement option for the following sensor part numbers: 53605 (12-inch M7 sensor), 30042, 30344, 30382, BAL32016, BAL53605, 9711-101, 52016, RME-30344A, 25-250-0344, 59-138-1071, 59-238-1000, 59-138-1070, 5-60-8007, 34-0202-K, 5-60-8013, 34-0202A-K


Senses both Temp and Hi Limit

Replacement Option For:
AI #5-60-8007 / MFG #53605
MFG #34-0202A-K