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Sundance Spa Jacuzzi Heater Low Flo 6500-402 6500-403 - Hot Tub Parts

Hot Tub Compatible With Sundance Spas Fits Jacuzzi Heater Low Flo 6500-402, 6500-403

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Hot Tub Replacement Parts 

Therm Products Heater C3229-2A  for Jacuzzi and Sundance Heater Assembly 6500-402, 6500-403 120/240 Volt
23"x10"x15" Squareback 3-wire with built in thermal cut-out.
Laing Thermotech made the original heater which is now made by ThermProducts
Replaces Jacuzzi / Sundance J-300 Heater 6500-402 LED Models 2002+ (Spade Connects) & Jacuzzi/Sundance J-300 Heater 6500-403 LCD Models 2002-2006 (1/4” Fem Tab). Laing # 6698.1


Low Flo Square Back Heater Assembly
5.5 KW / 240 Volts, Comes with the High Limit disk
Titanium Heater Element
Built in Thermal Cut Out
3 Wire with Fork Connectors
5.5 kW Stainless Steel tube, Titanium Heater Element. Built in Thermal Cut Out. Comes with the High Limit disk 6000-093
Low-flow, square-back style heater assembly. Features Titanium extended life element.
5.5kW @ 240V • 1.375kW @120Volt meets or exceeds original spa heater assembly specifications as made by Laing Thermotech (Laing no longer makes heaters)
Note: In November 2010, the heater barb adapter 6560-034 was removed from all 680/780 models with a circulation pump. In its place a plug was installed 6000-124.

Sundance Models:


  • 2011+ Select Constance and Victoria
  • 2008+ 680 Burlington, Hartford and Hawthorne EQUIPPED with a Circulation pump
  • 2007+ 680 Hartford and Hawthorne EQUIPPED with a Circulation pump
  • 2007+ 780 Hamilton, Chelsee, Certa and Camden Models
  • 2003-2006 Palermo, Bahia and Cayman

Jacuzzi Models:


  • All 2011+ J-LX/J-LXL Models

  • Replaces 6500-403 (same as the 6500-402 except would need to change terminal connections)

  • 2002-2006 J-350, J-330 Models

  • 2004+ J-335, J-345, J-355 Models

  • 2005-2007 J-325 Models

  • 2007+ J-375, J-365 Models

  • 2007+ J-270, J-280 with Circulation Pumps

  • J-300 LED series (2008+ J-375, 2007+ J-365 & J-355) J-320, J-325 (except 2004 & 2008+). J-330, J-335, J-340, J-345, J-270, J-280. J-230

Note: In November 2010, the heater barb adapter, 6560-034, was removed from all 780-680 Sundance Models with a circulation pump. In its place a plug was installed.


Other numbers: 

Laing Infinity 6698.1, 66980

Therm Products C3229-1A, C3229-2A

Jacuzzi 6500-402, 6500-403

Sundance 6500-402


Shipping Weight: 4 pounds