Fountain & Water Feature Water Treatment Pond Care Algaefix Single 8 Oz

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Product Description

Fountain & Water Feature Replacement Parts Water Treatment Pond Care Algaefix
  • This is for a Single 8 Oz Bottle of Pond Care Algaefix
  • Can be used in ponds containing live plants and fish
  • Effectively controls "green water" algae blooms and blanket weed (Oedogonium)
  • Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear
  • An EPA registered Algaecide that helps resolve future algae problems
  • Cannot be shipped to Canada or the UK
Overview: Pond Care AlgaeFix is a liquid algae-control product for use in ornamental fish ponds and water gardens containing live plants and fish. Pond Care AlgaeFix controls many types of algae including "green water" blooms and filamentous algae. This product will not harm your pond's aquatic life and will not hinder your fish pond care.
8 Ounces treats: 2,400 Gall