Fountain Bluworld Glacier Ice Glass Tier Tabletop in Black Onyx WWGIB

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Product Description

Fountain Bluworld Glacier Ice Glass Tier Tabletop Fountain in Black Onyx WWGIB

Glacier Ice is both dramatic and serene. Water bubbles up the center of three thick glass tiers with scalloped edges then gently cascades over the glass tiers and drips into the Black Onyx base.

The water, glass tiers and accompanying glass rock all glow brightly from the included LED Light adding drama and interest. At night Glacier Ice casts beautiful dancing shadows. This is a beautiful gift to give or receive.

  Do not attempt to add water softening agents, bleach or any products with any ingredients ending in “ine” or “ide” to your fountains reservoir as this may damage the finish and internal parts of your fountain, which in turn will void your warranty.


  • ter Wonders collection
  • Adjustable flow valve
  • Glass tiers with hand-scalloped edges
  • Includes glass rocks
  • Pump, light, glass pedestal, 4 glass tier separators, glass rocks, 3 glass tiers, base and acrylic water tube includes
  • LED Lighting
  • On/Off in-line rocker switch
  • Submersible pump
  • Water Capacity: 3 Gallons
  • Overall: 6.5" H x 12" W x 12" D
  • Length of Electrical Cord: 6 "
  • Overall Product Weight: 8 lbs


      • Protec 8 oz. Bottle

        Protec 8 oz. Bottle

        Protec's powerful dual-action formula makes it very easy to maintain the beauty of water statuary surfaces. Protec contains a unique blend of advanced organo-phosphonates for superior protection against both white calcium mineral buildup and metallic stains. Protec will prevent and remove existing mineral deposits and metal stains on all types of statuary surfaces. It will also help prevent pump damage due to hard water buildup. Protec also significantly reduces distilled water use for indoor fountains. Protec treated water is very safe for birds, plants, animals and fish.

        Recommended for all fountain types
        Fountec 8 oz. Bottle

        Fountec 8 oz. Bottle

        Fountec kills most types of algae and prevents regrowth in decorative fountains, water gardens (without fish), tabletops, and birdbaths. Fountec's cationic polymers also super-clarify water.

        A small weekly Fountec application added to fountain water becomes absorbed onto the algae and bacteria cell walls. The positive charged polymers coat their surfaces disrupting metabolic functions resulting in suffocation.

        Recommended for all fountain types