Fireplace Valve Gas Nova SIT 820.618 Natural Gas Stove Valve NAT FCP0820618

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Product Description

Fireplace valve replacement part Gas Nova SIT 820.618 Natural Gas Stove Valve NAT FCP0820618. This 14512 Gas Valve is a SIT-820 NOVA MV Control 820618 0820618 Series Millivolt gas valve. This FMI 14512 105861-01 Gas valve is a SIT Controls 0820618 Millivolt Gas Control Valve.

  • This is for a Single Gas Nova SIT 820.618 Natural Gas Stove Valve NAT 
  • High Grade Quality that's made to last!!
  • The 14512 105861-01 Gas valve is a Natural Gas valve that was used on many of the DESA and FMI Fireplace Systems and was used as a replacement valve for the Model GL851 fireplace that used the Robertshaw Natural Gas Valve FMI and DESA part number 14201.
  • We suggest if you have the Robertshaw millivolt gas valve currently installed in your GL851 series fireplace that you replace the gas valve with the Robertshaw S710-502 Natural Gas Millivolt gas appliance valve.
  • The 14512 Gas Valve can be used to replace the following SIT Control Nova 820 Series Gas Valves.

    Sit Controls 0.820.633 or 0820633
    Sit Controls 0.820.653 or 0820653
    Sit Controls.0820.654 or 0820654
    Sit Controls 0.820.655 or 0820655
    Sit Controls 0.820.640 or 0820640
    Sit Controls 0.820.641 or 0820641
    Sit Controls 0.820.618 or 0820618
    Sit Controls 0.820.656 or 0820656
    Sit Controls 0.820.639 or 0820639