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Fireplace Remote Control Skytech Programmable Back Lit 3301P2 - Fireplace

Fireplace Remote Control Skytech Programmable Back Lit 3301P2

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Fireplace Replacement Parts Skytech Programmable Back Lit 3301P2

The Skytech 3301P2 Fireplace Remote Control set provides wireless programmable thermostatic control of a gas heating fireplace with the simple click of a button. The remote control transmitter runs on (2) 1.5V AAA batteries and features an LCD display that uses a 5 button (MODE/UP/DOWN/SET/PROG) interface to communicate wirelessly to a receiver that operates on (4) AA batteries. The receiver can be mounted up to 20' away from the fireplace and connects to all standard millivolt valves. Enjoy the ambience of a cozy fire, customize the appliance's settings with unique programming features, and control the temperature of the room all without sacrificing the comfort of your seat using this fireplace remote control from Skytech.


  • The battery powered R.F. transmitter and receiver give wireless remote control to a gas fireplace
  • Crystal clear LCD screen, with back-lighting, displays the day of the week, 24-hour clock, and room temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius; flame icon will appear to indicate appliance is on, a low battery indicator will be displayed when the transmitter's batteries are running low
  • 5-Button UP/DOWN/MODE/SET/PROG interface provides simple control of a connected fireplace, each button operates differently to customize the appliance's functions to suit the user's need
  • Customize unique appliance functions for the remote's two program segments: weekdays/weekends
  • Thermostat feature operates the fireplace whenever the room temperature swings (1 °F, 2 °F, or 3 °F) above or below the set temperature
  • Partial plastic cover flips to cover buttons so settings aren't accidentally adjusted
  • 1,048,567 Security codes allow user to choose the best option to suit their need
  • Receiver with learn function, snap-on wall plate, and 18 inch wires with connectors can learn up to (2) additional Skytech remotes and also allows manual control of fireplace with On/Remote/Off settings
  • The childproof feature allows the user to "lock-out" operations from the transmitter; built-in Thermistor recognizes whenever the ambient temperature reaches 130 °F and automatically shuts the power off to the appliance, preventing damage from excessive heat.
  • Includes - transmitter remote, receiver box, wall clip, wires with connectors, batteries, and instruction manual


  • Model number: SKY-3301P2
  • Transmitter operates (2) 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Receiver operates (4) AA batteries