Fireplace Maintenance Products Refractory Cement Castable 12 1/2 LBS Buff 600


Product Description

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Castable Refractory Cement Color Buff


A dry-mix that chemically sets and dries brick hard, this cement is perfect for casting into custom designs, as it will hold its shape while drying. It can even be used as the sole material when casting a solid stove bed or outdoor oven. Exceptionally strong and also works to fill large holes or cracks in masonry, replacing mortar, and for tuck-pointing.

  • Rated up to 2200°F (1200°C)
    · Does not require heat to cure

Approx. Coverage: 12.5 pounds will cast a 12” x 12” x 1-1/2” square and 25 pounds will cast twice that amount.