Fireplace Maintenance Products Flame Crystals Rainbow Wood Fire Pits & Chiminea FCP715C

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Product Description

Fireplace Replacement Parts & Maintenance Products Buy Rutland Flame Sticks Rainbow Wood Fire Pits & Chiminea 

Give your outdoor hearth some extra excitement with a Rutland Fire Pit and Chimenea Rainbow Flame Crystals. The chemicals in this flame crystals cause wood fires to burn a dazzling blue and green, creating a dazzling, yet completely safe show. And there's no need to worry about your fire pit or chimenea either; this rainbow crystals are as safe for your hearth appliances as they are for your family. Suitable for use in wood-burning fire pits, chimeneas, and campfires



  • This is for a Single Tube
  • Gives wood fires dazzling blue and green flames
  • Each pre-measured tube lasts up to forty minutes
  • Can be tossed directly into fire
  • Will not harm fire pits or chimeneas
  • For use in wood-burning fire pits, chimeneas, and campfires
  • Note: Should not be used in vent-free appliances and fires intended for cooking.