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Fireplace Ignitor Module Electronic Ignition Module Robertshaw Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module 780-910 - Fireplace

Fireplace Ignitor Module Electronic Ignition Module Robertshaw,Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module 780-910

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 Fireplace replacement parts Fireplace Ignitor Module Electronic Ignition Module Robertshaw,Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module  780-910

Description for Robertshaw 780-910

The 780-910 Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module Uni-Kits is designed for use on gas fired systems. It is equipped with a self diagnostic green LED for quick troubleshooting. The LED indicates if the system is in normal operation, has gone into lockout, has a weak flame signal, or has an internal error (a defective module). This kit provides all the necessary instructions and hardware needed to replace most hot surface modules manufactured by Robertshaw, Honeywell and White-Rodgers. The 780-910 provides 100% lockout and complete gas shut off if main burner does not light after the selected trial for ignition sequence has been completed. An ignition sequence is initiated by a call for heat by a room thermostat or a switch which provides power to the Ignition Control Unit (ICU). After a 34 second pre-purge cycle the ICU will start the selected ignitor warm up time (17 or 34 seconds.) At the end of the ignitor warm up time, the gas valve is opened and will supply gas to the main burner for 4 or 7 seconds. In normal operation the main burner will light and the gas valve will remain open as long as there is a call for heat. After several seconds the ignitor is turned off and the sensor (local or remote) is activated. If the main burner does not light the ICU will (depending on what option was chosen) go into lockout or retry. When 3 ignition attempts are being used the ICU will try again 2 more times. If the ICU fails to establish proof of flame it will then go into lockout. The module can be reset by opening system switch or thermostat contacts (lowering the set temperature below the room temperature) for a minimum of 10 seconds. It comes equipped with field selectable options; flame sense (local or remote), ignition trial times and ignitor warm up times. The flame sense option is determined by a factory installed black jumper wire. For local sense (sensing through the ignitor) the jumper must be connected to the "sense" terminal.


  • The 780-910 Uni-Kit will easily replace the widest variety of hot surface ignition modules found in the field today. Including systems using
  • Local (sense through the Hot Surface Ignitor) or Remote Flame Sensors
  • Single or three ignition attempts or 7 second ignition trial time
  • 17 or 34 second ignitor warm up time
  • 34 seconds or less pre-purge
  • Natural or L.P. gas controls
  • 120 VAC Hot Surface ignitors

    • 1 year limited warranty replacement only 
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